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Today is the day that you can celebrate Women’s History Month 2022 by purchasing your copy  of The Epic Mentor Guide. I am truly honored to have my words about the field of architecture included in this momentous book. Special thanks to Illana Raia for bringing together young women and girls and the voices of brave, brilliant inspiring female leaders in STEM, art, business, athletics, space travel etc. Tap this link to listen to Illana speak about the book on the TODAY Show.

Kean lecture

What a delight to be invited to lecture at Kean Michael Graves CollegeSchool of Public Architecture. The Architecture School at Kean University is in New Jersey. Founded in the spirit of the noted architect Michael Graves,

Kean’s mission is to take architecture to a wider public audience.

The students truly seemed to appreciate Louise’s thoughts about “Architecture of Art + Conscience. They also enjoyed an animated conversation at dinner after the lecture. What an intelligent and diverse group!

Thank you, Nina Rappaport, for making this all happen.

AIANY Conversation: Louise Braverman + Martha Thorne

Louise was delighted to participate in this special event, part of the Cocktails & Conversation series sponsored by the AIANY Center for Architecture, a sequence of dialogues about design that joins an architect with a critic, journalist, or architectural historian to discuss current architectural topics and process.

Louise’s team has participated in the renowned Venice Architectural Biennale since 2012, and their work is part of the 2021 Biennale opening on May 22nd with the theme “How Will We Live Together?”. Her experience creating these environmental installations in Venice has added insight into the evolution of the built work of her firm, establishing an ongoing reciprocal relationship between the architectural concept and architectural reality.

In this conversation with Martha Thorne, current dean of the IE School of Architecture & Design in Madrid, Spain, and former Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize since 2005, Braverman reflected on the impact of the Biennale on her practice and the shaping of exhibitions and installations responding to global themes.

Interview with Julia Gamolina: MadameArchitect.org

Check out Louise’s interview with Julia Gamolina, editor of MamdameArchitect.org, about what it takes to create Architecture of Art + Conscience.

Louise spoke about the positive aspects of defying the mainstream and engaging in entrepreneurship throughout her entire practice. Her empathetic attitude developed early on in architecture school where “…not being in the mainstream in my class, just by being a woman, was actually a very good learning experience! I realized what it was to not be in the mainstream, and it made me more empathetic to others.”

She also reflected on how “Being positive and being different is an asset and allows you to work with different people towards a good result.” This attitude allows you to develop needed multi-tasking skills to propel your career.

Dezeen: "No more excuses for male-only panels"

Rebel Architette, an Italian collective, has built seven profiles for seven noteworthy women architects to demonstrate how their new global interactive tool, Women Architects World Map, will look with all the practices and individual profiles filled in. Louise was honored to be included as one of the original seven women.

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