2016 Venice Biennale Presentation Screen 1

Active Voice

A Conversation About The Courage To Create Architecture of Consequence

Active Voice Presentation - Site Location

Active Voice Presentation

The 3-Year Search for a School Site

Current Location of the Staten Island Community Charter School

Trensforming a Former Nunnery into a School

Another SICCS classroom.

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Active Voice
2016 Venice Architecture Biennale
Taking into consideration the particulars of time and place, architects today must engage in active conversations with communities to help give definition to their existence. Active Voice, a three-dimensional video installation at the Time Space Existence exhibition at the 2016 Venice Biennale, is a snapshot of one such conversation. A six-year dialogue produced a series of architectural projects that were integral to the creation of a charter school in a community in Staten Island, New York where the families of 86% of the students live below the poverty line.
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